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Liquid Armor Coatings
Liquid Armor Coatings


Liquid Armor Coatings offers high performance and protective coating services in Smithtown, NY.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for being extremely reliable, professional, and affordable. Our team of expert technichans will prioritize your needs and requests above all else to ensure your complete satisfaction. Invest in ceramic coatings for a bigger payoff down the road. Contact us today for a free consult or to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons and benefits of working with us

Professional Technichians

Liquid Armor Coatings bring you only the best certified technichians ensuring we remain the area leading innovator in high performace and protective coatings.

Quality Work & Products

We provide quality, highly detailed work & products for all our clients, big & small.

We are the areas only authorized FluidFilm applicator from Maspeth, Queens to Montauk, Suffolk County.

Affordable Services

Our prices are fair, and guaranteed results shall be seen immediately. Get started with us!

Liquid Armor Coatings
Liquid Armor Coatings


Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic Coatings

Automotive Ceramic Coatings

Maintain the value of your vehicle or increasing the value of your older car with ease through our ceramic coating services. Not only do ceramic coatings protect your vehicle's or vessel's overall value, but they also prevent scratches, swirl marks, sun damage, water spots, chemical burning, oxidation, and enviromental contamination.

 All vehicles recieve a high performance 9H true ceramic coating to all exterior panels as well as rim faces and windshield. Our prices are extremely reasonable and our packages are priced fairly to afford everyone the opportunity to spoil themselves and their vehicle with luxary spa services often priced out of the average Joes budget.

Call  to set up your vehicle, vessel, aircraft, bike, or RV for a free consult or speak to a live technichian and book your appointment today. 

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We are the areas authorized WoolWax application company.

FluidFilm Undercoating Formula is a lanolin based corrosion inhibitor developed solely to protect the undercarriages of automobiles, trucks, Rvs, and trailers. The lanonlin is blended with other proprietary agents to provide long term corrosion protecftion. FluidFilm will provide long term protection (annual inspection) against salt, liquid calcium chloride, brine, and all other ice control agents that are used by local and state municipalities.  FluidFilm is a true rust inhiditor that unlike rubber coatings used by bodyshopd and dealers, doesnt just mask rust but stops it dead in its tracks. 


Corporate & Fleet Detailing
Corporate & Fleet Detailing

Corporate, Marina & Fleet Accounts 

Ensure your company cars are ready for the road through our Corporate and Fleet Services Account. With years of experience under our belts, we have developed the best program to serve you. Located in the heart of Levittown, NY and easily accessable to Suffolk County and New York City. Our highly trained technichians will turn your aged and warn fleet into a showroom shine like new vehicle without breaking the bank. We will also come in and establish a new cleaning regiment that is guaranteed to save you time and money in the short term, (no waiting for the long run to see the financial benifits) while keeping that beautiful shine on your vehicles for the longest time possible.  

Our ceramic coating and our maintnance upgrade will mean less time spent off the road and less man hours maintaining your fleet. Our interior ceramic packages ensure that your interiors are free of lifes mishaps and prevent your vehicles interior from becoming a breading ground for bacteria, mildew, mold, odors and so much more.

For our Fleet or Marina services please contact us via our toll-free number at: 

(888) LACNYC-1

Break Caliper Painting

Dress up your ride with a touch of color. we use only the best in high temepature paint for your break calipers to ensure a lasting finish.  To further the durability of your new finish, each caliper ius coated with ceramics before rolling out the door.

Headlight Rejuvination

Clear Headlights are crucial for ensuring your visability and how visiable you are to other motorists. Driving with hazy headlights, either late at night or during a downpour, put you in o position where your taking on significant risk. Our headlight rejuvination process removes the added risk from each driving situation and helps to ensure that your headlights are as bright as they were rolling out of the dealers lot.

AAA studies have shown that yellowed and degraded headlights retain as little as 20% of their orioginal factory light transmission compared to new.

Our proven process restores that clean crisp look to your headlights and increases light transmission to a minimum of 80% of what it was new.

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